Our first pictures




We have come (on 1-25-2009) today at the time from 13.15 hours till 16.45 hours (4) and from 23.30 hours till 02.00 hours (2) to the world. Our weights were between 200 and 310 grams. We have two hobbies food and sleep.





We are two days oldly now and already are strongly equal. Mom Franzi permanently tries around us. She only leaves the throw box "to make her deal" and to the food.




Day, 3rd we have grown steeply and were weighed today. We have already added approximately a third of our original weight.




We having got our first collars for 4th day today so that our master can keep us apart better.







We were weighed again 5th day today. We already weigh between 340 and 600 grams now and we grow and grow and grow ...




- day 6 -




Mom Franzi uses a couple of sunbeams to rest a little in the winter garden.

For 1 week we have grown oldly and strongly now. We, today, were weighed again and have our weights more than doubled.





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Till soon! On see again