The 3rd week has started. Today was an exciting day, first we have got new collars, then we were weighed (870 to 1300 grams) and finally we became this first worming treatment, what this also always is. To this we had this one the paste was at all events delicious to lick.











- 16th day - It is for today, the first of us also have finally so far after we learned to smell and to hear opened the eyes. We have discovered the light of the world in the true sense of the word now. See.






Half-sister Hanna (on the right) unites Mom Franzi (middle) and tall cousin Elsa (on the left) in the winter garden.


Since the little rascals can see, one can approach the puppies box no longer unnoticedly, amounts "to lives into the hut". One can also play of what grandma already makes use correctly with them now, however.



















The 3rd week almost is made. Our little boys get more and more lively. Your awake phases permanently prolong themselves and they already play with each other, too. You play and play and play ... falling down and falling asleep to her with tiredness where they stood, sat or lay straight.












- 20th Day -










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Till soon! On see again!