The 2nd week has started. Our little boys are, so tall for it now they don't fit in the little shopping basket any more.



Above one dissimilar couple -- this one smallest 440 grams and the great ones 730 grams. One can see the first wobbly steps below.







The little rascals grow and grow. They are already getting her environment slowly now. Mom Franzi or we too thick kick to the puppies box and her noses high and the search go to stay for some time if starts. Because apart from meal and sleeping little is still interested in her.







- 10.Day - 









- 11.Day -






- 12th day - The small grow from day to day. This is clear to see if one compares once the first pictures with the following ones. We must today the claws cut the first for them so that they scratch on Mom Franzi of not the breast.














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Till soon! On see again