Our first pictures















Mom Franzi feels very good, she has come everything through very well. The pups came onto the world between 11.30 hours and 16.00 hours. You are very vigorously and very well in color. At the moment all of them still fit into our little basket (see picture above) but this will change fast. Drinking you and sleeping himself great.



We are already 2 days "old" now. Our "hobbies" are drink and sleep as one can see in the pictures below. In between times we are washed and cleaned by our Mom.











4 days are done. We have already grown quite beautifully as one can see in the next pictures. Our Mom is the kindest one. She has us, eat only which and if she finishes off her "business" from the eyes hardly for a moment. We can her cuddle so beautifully and if, she isn't here we cuddle together.










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Goodbye, till soon!