The 5th week has started. The pups had to move into the kennel today. They have more place there and can't cause so much damage. To spare Mom Franzi a little, we have started to feed the pups today with a little meat for the first time. The "little boys" didn't stand in line so stupidly at all.



















The pups were weighed again on the Monday evening. Your weights are between 1750 grams and 2387 grams now.
















The end of the 5th week always gets closer. The pups get more and more active. You already play with each other correctly and "work" on each other sometimes quite beautifully roughly.



















Here are the first portraits of the pups. You are 4 1/2 weeks old.

















We have worked the 5th week. One can already see what becomes from us now. We had our first visitors yesterday, these were really nice to us.

























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On see again till soon!