We have already grown quite beautifully now a week oldly. We have our birth weights more than doubled (460-680 grams).







We have got beautiful colored ribbons put on of our master today. You says it is for this that she can keep us apart better. How long do the things holding?
















Weigh the pups is very important, to see whether they develop optimally and whether they increase evenly. It isn't that simple at all, though, since the little pups are very agile and wriggly. The pups nestle up on every occasion and seek body contact since they are still blind. You are small affectionate persons.





















2 weeks are done. The pups grow and grow, one almost can watch one's activities. They are already quite beautifully mobile now. You start already to run, although still a little wobbly but this still becomes.






















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On see again till soon!