Poldi's Dolly Pedigree


Dolly with 9 weeks



Dolly (middle) with 3 months



Dolly at the age of 5 months



At an exhibition in Kassel with 14 months (your first BOB)



Dolly with 2 years



Fetches me, if I shall come out! (Dolly 2 years)




Dolly (3 years) with "grandma" Nane (on the left) and Mom Cora (on the right)



Of the front to behind Dolly (5 years), Franzi (1 years) and Elsa (3 years)





Dolly with 5 years approx. 1 week before her delivery. (G-Wurf)



Dolly with 5 years. The happy Mom recovers at the first sunbeams in the winter garden.



Dolly 7 years

"Snow is simply terrific anyway ...!"




Dolly at the age of 8 years