We have arrived on 2-16-2003. We, these are 9 really lovely Airedale puppies (6 bitches and 3 males). Mother is Poldi's Dolly and Father Felix vom Michelbach .

We are five days old in the meantime. Our hobbies are eat and sleep. How lets himself be seen the next pictures we feel great.

We are 1 week "old" now and have more than doubled our birth weight.

We have finished the 2nd week now. How one sees we have grown quite beautifully and have doubled our weight once again. Since Mom Dolly is "made" by us quite beautifully, of course she also must rest. The first sunbeams are enjoyed by her in the winter garden.


3rd Week

4th Week

5th Week

6th Week

7th Week

8th Week


All new owners many fun and joy with her Airedales.

Now here a couple of pictures "our puppies" at the age between 1/4 year and 1/2 year.