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The I-litter of puppies is there !!!

The Airedale terrier is the king "of the terriers". He has arisen in the English county Yorkshire in the valley of the river Aire more than 100 years ago. He was used mainly for the hunting. The Airedale terrier has many good and useful qualities and much intellect, he is more sportingly, more vivaciously more merrily always a medium-sized one, business funny dog very fond of children. His hair dress is rough and wiry, easily corrugated with black or charcoal-gray, shiny blanket and tan coat at the head at the chest and at the runs. The Airedale becomes three till four times approximately trimmed in the year and doesn't shed hairs. He is an ideal house and family dog, loves and needs great walks in every weather and would like to participate in all events of his family. He is a dog which passes through one long development time and childhood. The Airedale will arise roughly only with two years. He needs a generous but consistent education during this time since he likes to try with charm and staying power to succeed with his obstinacy. As a healthy, not illness delicate dog he can be a lovable, funny and handsome companion for you at a corresponding attitude until the high age from 12 to 13 years.

Since I pay attention to the health of my dogs as a breeder very much I also put an Airedale at the age from 13 to 16 months grown fond his new to the heart for pups HD roentgens for every buyer to leave. Only in such a way one can state as the little darling is resiliently. Be the dog place or Agility now but at this also whether at the dog sports, run at the wheel is I can importantly to know what it expect of my four-legged comrade. One sees at the results whether one is on the right track and only beautiful but also healthy and vigorous not pups also as a breeder to cultivate. Since 4-8-1996 became 65.7% of the descendants X-rayed and this in my cage with the following results:

C-litter of puppies 08.04.1996 Father: Catto Zdenkuv sen (CR) Mother: Nane vom Erfurther Hof of 7 pups 5 became X-rayed (2 x A1, 2 x A2 and 1 x B1)

D-litter of puppies 11.02.1998 Father: Karlo von der Schwarzen Kuhle Mother: Poldi's Cora of 7 pups 6 became X-rayed (3 x A1, 1 x A2, 1 x B1 and 1 x B2)

E-litter of puppies 08.06.2000 Father: Gaylord vom Norden Mother: Poldi's Dolly of 8 pups 6 became X-rayed (4 x A1, 2 x B1)

F-litter of puppies 11.01.2002 Father: Marty Terno Mother: Poldi's Cora of 4 pups  2 became X-rayed (2 x A1)

G-litter of puppies 16.02.2003 Father: Felix vom Michelbach Mother: Poldi's Dolly of 9 pups  4 became X-rayed (3 x A1, 2 x A2)

H-litter of puppies 23.01.2006 Father: Sherry vom Stammhof Mother: Poldi's Franzi of 9 pups  7 became X-rayed (1 x A1, 2 x A2, 3 x B1, 1 x C1)


our F-litter of puppies

Our pups are marked from her first living stay for her whole life, therefore we take a large portion of our annual vacation to raise our litter of puppies optimally. We want to leave nothing to chance if possible.

The pups are taken on the arm from the beginning daily to let a hearty contact between dog and man arise. On this occasion at once the health and vitality of the little boys is also checked.

As of the 4th life week our pups can be paid a visit by other people and can frolic around with them also with children under supervision, though. To stamp the pups for her later life, we expose her to a background noise as versatile as possible, toy which is e.g. clattering and squeaking, radio (also in the pup house), vacuum cleaner, sounds of an engine, hammer and nail. They are if our pups are approx. 6 weeks old this also must be learned in put for regular distances on the trimming table and brushed, this one.

Within the first 3 life weeks, the rearing is carried out in a separate room in the house in which the throw box is. As of the 4th life week the pups move into a big pup house. They can reach a big run and from this from here into a big garden in which they can find everything out and satisfy her curiosity. A lot of movement is also one of the conditions for a healthy physical development. Small walks and also driving a car become tried.

Under these conditions our pups will grow up to healthy and primarily environment safe Airedale terriers and bring her new owners a lot of joy. We also would of course like to stay later in contact and suit them with advice and deed aside with the new owners of our pups.



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