Vacation with dog once different    ( New!! Vacation 2004)

This is something quite special summer vacation in 2003 with our Airedale terriers, like every year. Since 1987, it has become a tradition, that already we meet our Czech friends at changing places in the Czechia for the vacation.
The "stores" take place in the second August halves in the low mountain ranges Osttschechiens, that is the Beskiden, the Jesenik or Altvater mountains.
This year our vacation started with the journey to our vacation domicile in Karlovice on August 16th, we lived in the pension "Redeta Gött" there.


There the possibility passes rooms renting in the pension or huts on the same area. We had half-board with good meal and cool beer for the refreshment because the weather was wonderful this year. Day temperatures between 25° of-27 ° C in the shade and this at an altitude of approx. 600 m over the sea-level already give one no end of trouble at longer walks anyway. For special heated up the possibility also passes itself cooling down into the rivulet and creeks, one may not be able to to deter from the temperatures of approx. 15° 16 degrees Celsius, though.


Now to our "store." There Airedale friends meet (this year 30 persons with 20 Airedale, 1 Dobermann and 1 Malinois) her dogs every year to make a little education (from the beginner up to the advanced one) and to spend a couple of nice hours (e.g. at the campfire) together. Till Thursday exercises were carried out by Monday.
The education willing ones were divided up into groups depending on level of training of the dog. A group for beginner and a group for advanced. For the "hard" ones it started with the track every day at 06.30 hours. The newcomers might the first sniff, a newcomer was our Franzi also, she had never seen a training vacancy anyway before let alone she knew what is a track and an object on the track area.
There was with breakfast at 08.30 hours and we started at 09.30 hours with the subordination, also separated after the groups divided up. She should learn the exercises since to the ZPE (examination in the Czechia like the accompanying dog examination) Franzi without experience in the education was. Because the aim of the education is taking an examination into this at the end of the week. The subordination consists of 5 components which can be given for to max. 10 points each. These are:

1. lead away (on the right, on the left and turn back)
2. dog freely runs with here call back, put down before and sit by foot
3. s
it, place, sit on the place
4. The dog under diversion and bangs puts down
5. slalom run between the other dog leaders


After the subordination there was leisure time in which what he likes could do to everybody. One could use the lovely surroundings for walking, many walking routes are signposted. However, there also are some end flight destinations in a further distance be able to this one be visited with the car.
Row mad rush as an initiation there was then with supper at 18.00 hours and the protection service started at 19.00 hours, predominating with the beginners. Also our Franzi wanted, found this finally likes the beginning on into the biting sausage to bite to know nothing. After the protection service you announced leisure time again there were very beautiful restaurants only the we met and talked, into, if also sometimes with hands and feet, since we unfortunately can then maintain little for us in the national language? The last exercise day evening assembled everyone at the campfire. It was sausage, potatoes or bread grilled and sung.
On Friday we had the whole day off and did an excursion. On our excursions to the vicinity of Karlovice, of course we were always accompanied by our dogs.
On Saturday our the latter and open rain stere was day. What they had learned within the last 4 days should show the dogs from the examination. Our Franzi had to go through the exercises for the ZPE as mentioned already. A 60 m long own track must with an object, the by at the end you "be" referred copes and 21 of 30 possible points got for her search performance. She got 42 (7+9+6+10+10) of 50 possible points in the subordination. With her altogether 63 points our Franzi reached a good 3rd place in her class and has beaten himself in her first examination quite bravely anyway. After the examination of course was celebrated duly, it was very funny.


It was up to the next year take in a new freshness called farewell after the breakfast on Sunday the 24. August.



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