Summer vacation in 2004

For our this year's summer vacation we met our Czech friends of 21.-29 August in the Hostynske Vrchy (small low mountain range between Beskiden and Carpathians). The place was called Rajnochovice and is approx. 700 m over the sea-level.

We stayed at the hotel "Vicanov." 3 solid houses and an economy building with big dining hall and a comfortable beer room are part of this hotel as well as approx 20 huts on the same area (see picture). We got a good meal (half-board) and a cool beer or when required also more for the refreshment. Wonderful weather, day temperatures between 23 degrees Celsius and 27 degrees Celsius gave us no end of trouble at longer walks quite beautifully but one could refresh themselves and also the dogs at numerous creeks. This one was of use for actively to our hotel heard also one tall Pool (6 m of x 25 m.)

Now to our "education store". This year 50 persons met there 22 dogs (20 Airedale, 1 Dobermann and 1 German shepherd) to make a little education (track work, subordination and protection service). We spent many nice hours with our friends whether at walks, inspections of sights or like every year at a terrific campfire.

From Monday till Thursday we practiced diligently because this year an examination should be taken on Saturday again. The "education willing" ones were divided up into two groups in beginner and advanced. Our day started respectively with the journey to the track area at 6.30 hours. There tracks were put at mountain slopes about mountain pastures and by woods since no fields were available. No-one was easily working. One usually already had of the "trail put down" enough but one had to go along the trail with the dog once again. There was an ample breakfast at 8.30 hours and we started with the subordination at 9.30 hours.

After the subordination we always then had leisure time with our dogs again of course in which we did much. For example to the place Bystrice which is known by a large pilgrimage church.


We then met in the hotel for dinner and for the experience exchange at 18.00 hours again. The protection service which subdivided itself into row mad rush as an initiation as well as into long flight and area exercises for the advanced ones started toward 19.00 hours.

After the protection service you announced leisure time again. There were in the beer room some beautiful hours in which we much talked with our Czech sports-fans with hands and feet if also most. On Thursday we assembled evening of the campfire and let sausage, roasted with song and a lot of funs and over the campfire the last exercise day potatoes or bread finish.

On Friday we had vacant and made an excursion to Prerov. We visited the diocesan town and a garden laid out lovely there.

With my Elsa I had prepared for the examination ZZO (like our accompanying dog examination) and on Saturday it then got serious. The subordination consisted, of 6 exercises for it everyone is given to max. 10 points. These are in the part A:

1. run away and call back with put down before

2. lead away with different speeds

3. starting position (around on the right, around on the left and turnabout)

4. place out of the movement

5. bring on flat earth

6. put down under diversion

The dog had to carry a muzzle always at three exercises in the part B, a special part. My Elsa didn't know a muzzle to date yet but she accepted it calmly.

1. exercise: The tethered dog had to go at foot into a group of approx. 10 people. The dog leader was welcomed by the performance judge by handshake. The group always enclosed the dog more narrowly and the dog was allowed to react neither aggressively nor anxiously.

2. exercise: The dog was sent to a group of ball playing children with a command. He had unimpressedly and fast to sweep back "here" on straight way to the dog leader on the command from there. The exercise was concluded with put down before of the dog and the command foot.

3. exercise: The dog was tied at a 5 m long cord. Another dog leader then passed by with dog and a group of passers-by singing loudly then dropped in. The tethered dog was allowed to react neither aggressively nor anxiously.

There aren't any points in the special part but he is been or not.

A passed the part for Elsa with 56 of 60 possible points with the title "excellently". The part B was also been without complaints which tackled the examination ZZO, of which I was of course very proud, therefore Elsa gained the 1st place of 8 led Airedale on this day.

It was then after the breakfast say goodbye of our dear friends up to the next year in a new freshness again said on Sunday the 29. August.


This year we didn't drive just home but hung another week of vacation on it to let our vacation finish by Nové Mesto Na Morave in the surroundings in the pension "U Martina" with our dogs and without stress. We made many excursions to the vicinity here. So we visited the castle "Pernstejn", the castle in Nové Hrady and a lovely bonsai garden in the place Snezné among other things.