Nane vom Erfurther Hof



Nane (2 years) when putting down on the dog place



Nane (2 years) when trimming



Nane (approx. 3 years) with the daddy of her litter of puppies (C-Wurf) Cato Zdenkuv Sen (Czechia)





Nane (3 years in the foreground) with daughter Cora when raging in the woods







"Grandma" Nane (approx. 6 years) with daughter Cora (approx. 3 years) and granddaughter dolly (approx. 1 year)



Nane with 6 years



Nane at the age of 7 years



Nane the "water-baby" in the foreground with approx. 8 years . In the background the "youth" Elsa (middle) and Dolly (right).



Nane with 9 years