Poldi's Franzi



Franzi with 9 weeks


Our Franzi at the age of approx. 6 months.





Franzi at the age of 14 months at the exhibition in Paaren/Glien.



Franzi (16 months) at the world dog exhibition in May 2003 in Dortmund. The 2nd place (vice-world junior winner) gained you here in the junior class of the bitches.



Franzi (17 months) at the exhibition in Aurich in June 2003.



Franzi with 17 months at the exhibition in Süpplingen.



Franzi at the age of 18 months. Is she not a beauty?



Franzi with 19 months



Franzi at the age of 2 years on the CACIB Munich



Franzi with 2 1/2 years at the exhibition in Rostock



"Now already gives the thing ..."

Franzi 3 years



"Perhaps this is a fun, can't a little snow always be there?"



Franzi 3 years

"Danube winner" Bratislava 2005



Franzi 3 years, CACIB exhibition Erfurt



CACIB show Wieselburg (A)

on the left Jac Houben with Stargus Galileo (BOB)

middle judge Mrs Elfriede Heidecker (A)

on the right "the best bitch" Poldi's Franzi



Franzi (second from the right) few days before her litter of puppies in January 2006




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