Race standard

Character :  lively in the expression, quick in the movement, always fully highest tension and expectation. The character is molded by the expression of the eyes as well as the attitude of the ears and the rod.

Head          :  The head is long and flat, not getting to a little thinner between the ears and to the eyes too broadly. He must be free of folds with hardly visible forehead sales. The cheeks should be smooth and not emerge strongly. He should have a strong pre-face and the jaws nevertheless may not be developed too strongly since a cheek is unwanted. The chapses firmly flat and the nose great and black.

Eyes            :  Grow dark almond-shapedly smally and not emerging

Ears            :  Carried being on, V-förmig, at the side but pointing to the front with the ear top. Small but not in the discrepancy to the complete size of the terrier. The upper line should lie more highly than the top of the head.

Set of teeth :  Closing 42 teeth, firm, scissor teeth, tightly on each other.

Neck             : Of moderate length and thickness muscular, dry, no throat skin.

Front            :  Shoulder shall the shoulder blades flat, forelegs be being behind for a long time, well and falling to the back at an angle, absolutely straight and strong bony.

Body             : Back short, strong, straight and flat without giving way. Loin part firm and ribs bent well. Deep but not too broad chest.

Backside     : Should be long and muscular without falling. Thigh developed for a long time and strongly well lower leg, well angled. Deep ankle joints which should parallel to each other stand seen from behind.

Paws              : round and compact smally with good bale depth and toes turned a little.

Tail                 : attached highly and amuses usedly but pulled or curled not over the back strength and substance, not kupiert, of good.

Coat                 : hard, thick and wiry. The hair covering the body and runs flatly and thick flatly. The outer coat from hard, wiry and stiff hair, the sub-wool shorter and soft.

Colour              : Shed hairs on head and ears with the exception of the black markings on the two sides of the head "Tan" colors, the ears a little more darkly than the other. The runs to up to the elbows and the hindquarterses "Tan"-colors. The other body blackly or in dark clothesly graying.

Weight and size: Shoulder height for male approx. 58-62 cm for bitches 56-58,5 cm. The weight should be in agreement with the size and the type of the terrier. The males must have two full developed testicles in the scrotum.