Poldis Airedale Terrier

Our 5 dog ladies live with us together in our house and take part in the family life intensively.








We are Cora, Nane, Dolly and Elsa as well as ours friend Jakob (from the left).



Teamwork live. Friend Jakob fetches the little stick and the ladies then relieve him of it.




Thinking what up for people everything so, e.g. dog owner ordinances and such rubbish.



Of on the left Dolly, Elsa, Cora and Nane. Since we may not rage already by the whole garden at home, we like to run loving in the open around (see below).




Also Dolly (on the left in the picture) still feels "good" 1 week before her throw.



A substantial walk in the snow (approx. 1 hour per day) is so quite the most beautiful there is what.





Our "gang of four" in the snow (Franzi 3 year, Elsa 5 Jahre, Cora 9 Jahre, dolly 7 years)







Elsa 5 years, Cora 9 years, Dolly 7 years and Franzi 3 years



Dolly, Franzi, Elsa and Cora (from the left)



Dolly, Cora, Conni, Franzi and Elsa (from the left)





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