How one comes onto the dog
My first Airedale terrier

I was itself another child, have I been allowed to buy a dog with permission of my parents of my pocket-money for me in 1973. I had no idea which breed of dog should it be. By chance I have read an advertisement in the daily. "Hand in Airedale terrier pups ..." . Since the address only 5 street corners was removed from our apartment then, I decided to watch the litter of puppies. The Puppies (3,3), at that time 6 weeks old immediately stormed me. I chose a bitch and baptized her on the name "Aja von Black Seal" (Pedigree). I had Aja for 10 years as a permanent companion, she was sharp and "terrific" in the nature, I always had a good protectress with myself so. She was also the first bitch which I trained on the dog place. In the course of our years together I took Aja the following examinations with mine: SchH I-III (guardin dog examination), FH I-III (trail dog examination), PSH I-III (police guardin dog examination).

It made it to me to exercise much fun with my bitch and one became acquainted with many nice people by the dogs.  So I learned to know the family Erfurth at an exhibition in 1974, which a lasting friendship binds me certainly today, they had Aja's sister "Azura von Black Seal". The sports friend Johanna as well learned I to know black with nicknames "Poldi". The father belonged me Aja, "Heiko vom Abendstern", (SchH III, FH III, PSH III), to her. I called my Airedale terrier cage "Poldi" in honor of my friend Johanna Schwarz whom I got 1000 tips for the education of my bitch from.



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